Refund Policy

Staying glued over the terms and conditions of smmadmin, we are committed to offer you complete services and refund in terms of difficult criteria and condition that we have mentioned below. The terms of refund policy remain active up to 16 days after the deliverance of the services. The proceeding to the refund policy require complete diligence and communication.

  • Incomplete/improper deliverance:
    If the services and orders that you have placed are delivered incomplete or improper then you are encouraged to proceed for the refund.
  • Deadline not met:
    Albeit the services are delivered within the promised/ mentioned time frame where as deliverance may vary from a day to several days on the basis of the sizes of orders. But, we are always geared towards the faster deliverance of the services and orders as fast as possible.
  • If not 100%:
    If all the services and orders aren’t delivered 100% right after the payment as well then you are capable of getting refund.
  • Description unmatched:
    If the description mentioned with the orders/services aren’t met then we pay you refund.
  • Final Note:
    smmadmin encourages to all clients and users to proceed to refund with the valid reasons while applying with proper communication and diligence. We don’t entertain the false accusation and claim. All the application for the refund would be verified by the team of smmadmin for the validation.