smmadmin provides services at its best with the proper maintenance of the viability with its clientele. These agreement hereby bounds the smmadmin and huge clientele it has maintained before purchasing any sorts of services and products. These agreement governs all the legal terms of this website and services it caters.

  • Use of Website:
    smmadmin holds the authority over its intellectual property rights for the contents, images, visual elements and other which are possessed. Proper use of authority and certification is must for the use of services which prevents the breaching of the services and agreement.
  • Copyright:
    This website maintains all the copyright over all the contents and services it possess. Users and clients are forbidden to copy, print, distribute, reproduce, transmit, alter and other over the contents and services without any prior information and authorization.
  • Liability:
    Mutual liability is the ultimate thing that we want to maintain while we are bound by this agreement. But, we don’t maintain the liability under the indiscreet comment and posts by your clients and users over the videos.
  • Code of Conduct:
    This agreement hereby binds the clients and users for the lawful use of all services and contents of this website. While using the services and contents of this website, clients/users should refrain all sorts of activities like reproducing, altering, adding, distributing etc. Similarly, clients/users should desist the act of entering and using the contents and services without prior information.
  • Termination of services:
    All indiscrete and irresponsible activities like entering into the site and using the contents and services without prior information and approval lead to the breaching of the services and ultimately to the termination.
  • Refund or money back offers:
    The refund and the money back offers are available when our services don’t meet the criteria and description. smmadmin reserves the right for the customer satisfaction. All of these options are proceeded with due diligence and communication.
  • Confidentiality:
    smmadmin maintains the confidentiality over the contents and services it possess and cater. All the acts without verification or authorization by smmadmin may lose the confidentiality.
  • Correction and updates:
    smmadmin possesses the right and authority to make the prompt correction and updates as per necessities over the contents and services. All of the correction and updates are made without any prior information to clients and users.
  • Final Words:
    We are geared towards the promotional motifs only which doesn’t guarantee the total engagement forever but the definite social credibility. All the correction and updates over the agreement may take place time and often which encourage the regular use and reading of this agreement before the use of services and contents of this site.